Dosing Pumps for all liquid medias

Category: Pumps

Solenoid diaphragm dosing pumps for use under the toughest conditions for almost any industry application and parctically all liquid medias from all leading German and European manufacturers.

Solenoid diaphragm dosing pumps with an output range of 0.74 to 75 l/h at a back pressure of 16 - 2 bar for practically all liquid media.

A magnet moves the magnetic axis back and forth through on and off . This stroke motion is transmitted to the metering diaphragm in the liquid. Two check valves prevent backflow of the dosing medium during the pumping process. The dosing of a solenoid diaphragm can be adjusted via the stroke length and stroke rate.

  • Chemical dosing up to 75 l / h
  • Drinking water treatment : Metering of disinfectants
  • Cooling circuits : Metering of disinfectants
  • Waste water treatment : Metering of flocculants
  • Paper industry: dosing of additives
  • Plastics manufacturing : dosing of additives
  • Universally applicable and precise dosing for many media - even acids and bases a great variety of liquid
  • Constant and nearly pulsation-free dosing
  • Dosing in proportion to rotation speed
  • Outstanding continuous running properties
  • etc.
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