PumpPro - Pump Monitoring System

Category: Monitoring Systems

PumpPro - Automatic pump monitoring system for all kinds of organic media pumps in thermal oil systems to early detection of seal and bearing damages etc. Monitoring of pump condition and filter status with traffic light indication, automatically pump switchover by pump damage and text display. 

Bearing temperature
Monitoring of wear of seals and bearing

Monitoring of the mechanical seal in the bearing bracket

Differential pressure
Monitoring of the strainers

Vibration control
Monitoring of wear of coupling, alignment of coupling and stresses in the piping system

Motor temperature*
Monitoring of the admissible temperature in the windings

Motor power consumption
Monitoring of the electric motor windings and bearing damages


*  only for motors with corresponding equipment

  • Early detection of seal and bearing damages etc.
  • Automatically pump switchover by PLC
  • Robust measurement technique using temperature sensor, vibration sensor and level switch
  • Simple installation and wiring
  • Retrofittable for nearly all pump types
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