Security Checks for Thermal Oil Systems

Thermal oil systems must be submitted once a year to a security checks. We offer this security check to DIN 4754 at a reasonable price

Valves, flanges, welds, pumps, heaters, instrument ports and threaded fittings should be closely observed. Tradec service engineers engineers and technicians are heat energy management experts and can assist you with the following security checks:

Flow monitoring Visual inspection, functional check, adjust, then seal
Safety temperature limiter (feed line) Visual inspection, functional check, adjust, then seal
Safety temperature limiter for flue gas Visual inspection, functional check, adjust, then seal
Temperature monitors flow return
(journey thermostat)
Visual inspection, functional check, adjust, then seal
Level monitor in the expansion vessel Visual inspection, functional check
Thermometer (if available) Visual inspection, cleaning if necessary
Manometer Visual inspection, functional check and cleaning if necessary
Shut-off valves Visual inspection, functional check
Control valves Visual inspection, functional check and recalibrate
Pumps Visual inspection for leaks, checking the running noise, examination of the head and suction head (pressure gauge if functional)
Expansion vessels Visual inspection for leaks, check temperature, if necessary testing the accumulation of mud
Collection vessels Visual inspection and draining

Visual inspection of flue gas and oil leaks and detect the damaged areas on the lining through inspection hole (where possible)

Emergency cooling system Visual inspection for damage and functional control
  • Creating the measurement and test reports , documentation of all measurements and settings . If necessary, create a list of defects , repair Development of proposals and corresponding offers
  • Training of operating personnel, if necessary
  • Provision of all required test equipment and hand tools, with the exception of lifting equipment, ladders, scaffolding and bulky tools that can not be carried
  • Small repairs (total time < 0.5 hrs.) are also included unless the necessary parts are present. Major repairs require a separate agreement. Spare parts are not included in the price and maintenance are charged separately
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