Monitoring Systems

Increase the operating reliability of your thermal oil plant by our "PROTECTION" product line. DustPro, PumpPro and FluidPro are fully automatic electronic monitoring systems which control your operating conditions and ensure a continuous operation, because faults and irregular operating states are digitally displayed on a graphic display.

Automatic cleaning system for waste heat boiler

DustPro - A fully automatic boiler cleaning system for boilers and heaters which offer you an excellent cleaning effect, independent from size and geometry of the heating surface, for more efficiency, reliability and safety.

Monitoring System for Pumps_PumpPro

PumpPro - Automatic pump monitoring system for all kinds of organic media pumps in thermal oil systems to early detection of seal and bearing damages etc.

FluidPro Online Monitoring of Organic Media
Manufacturer: Tradec

FluidPro - Online monitoring of all kind of organic fluids for significant cost savings and better operational safety in thermal oil systems with very precise ± 0.1 % display of changes in the media. 

HeatraPro - Heat exchanger

HeatraPro - Heat exchangers for various applications, efficient heat transfer between liquid and/or gaseous media.

StrainPro - Basket Strainer

StrainPro - Basket strainer for cost effective filtering through reusable sieves. Removing high boilers, coke and other solid particles from thermal oil systems.