Glass Beads Cleaning for Thermal Oil Heaters

The glass bead blasting for heaters and economizer, also known as glass beams, is a process similar to sandblasting.
By blasting with glass beads, plastic deformation is in contrast to sand blasting or dry cleaning achieved that produces a quite desired residual stress in the workpiece and so the surface hardness and durability significantly increased. The cleaned surface is less susceptible to dirt and corrosion. Also known as glass bead blasting it comes to a strengthening of the surface.

Advantages of glass beads cleaning:

  • No material removal on the coils
  • Caking ( covering, soot , carbon deposits ) are dissolved
  • The smoothed surface material is less susceptible to new pollution
  • The heat transfer to the coils is improved
  • The energy efficiency of the heater is increased

It is recommended that the glass beads cleaning once or twice carried out annually. Depending on the degree of the system may also be required up to three times a year cleaning glass beads. Through the use of the automatic dedusting system DustPro, the cleaning effort is however reduced to a minimum.

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